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Product from our @cherrybombrand collaboration  


Lightweight and long-lasting with easy to blend textures. The compact encourages the wearer to apply with the fingertips. Intense, pure, and radiant, the colors are housed in a distinctive metal ‘raindrop’ compact. Here, there is a notion of the glamorous cosmetic cases of the past, now made for the future.

Suitable for those:

 ✰ Who wants a shiny look;

 ✰ Want to feel powerful;

 ✰ Want to feel empowered;

Use Sunlight Thinker during the day and Moonlight Thinker for the night.



Sombras leves e duradouras, com texturas fáceis de misturar. O compacto incentiva a aplicar com a ponta dos dedos. Intensas, puras e radiantes, as cores quatro combinam entre elas. 

Perfeito para quem:

✰ Quem quer um aspecto brilhante;

✰ Quer sentir-se poderoso;

✰ Querem sentir-se poderosos;

Utiliza a  Sunlight Thinker para durante o dia e Moonlight Thinker para a noite.